Community Helping Place

CHP Survey 2019

Welcome to your CHP Survey 2019

You will be automatically entered for a $200 prize drawing! Please limit one completed survey per household.

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1. What do you feel is the most important service CHP offers to your household?
2. Please list the ages of all household members.
3. What is your annual household income (Confidential).
4. Will you anticipate needing services from The Community Helping Place soon or within the next couple of months?
5. Based on the picture of Lumpkin county, what zone do you live in?
6. Do you have a “healthcare home” – a place you go first to seek medical care?
7. Do all of the adults living in your home have health insurance?
8. Did our website help you find helpful resources (healthcare, food pantry, financial assistance)?
9. Do you or anyone in your home need transportation to a partner agency in order to receive services?
10. If a local church or faith based organization in your community was willing to provide transportation to our partner agencies, would you accept a ride?
11. Do our events increase community fellowship and connections?
12. Do you have a support system (extended family, neighbors, friends) that you can call if you have an emergency or in the event of a pressing family need?
13. Are you a member of a church, faith-based, or religion based congregation?
14. Would you like us to send you additional information on our community services?