Our Team

At CHP, we are blessed to have a team of caring, committed
leaders who desire to invest in the community and help those in need. We look forward to working with you!

pic of melissa

Melissa Line,
Executive Director

Melissa Line came to CHP as the Executive Director in June 2019, after working with families and children professionally for 20 years. Melissa holds a BS in Family Psychology and an MSW with a concentration in Families and Children. Melissa is overjoyed to work with the wonderful team of staff and volunteers at Community Helping Place and looks forward to the future!

Paula Payne has been with CHP since 2008, being the driving force behind the Free Clinic. Paula has previous experience in the management of a Free Clinic in Kentucky, a Business degree, and vast experience in operations and management.
Beginning in January 2021, Paula will assume a new position as Director of Development and Operations for CHP.

pic of Paulapic debi

Debi Holloway joined the staff of CHP in 2017 as the part-time client navigator, eventually moving into her current full-time position where she provides direct support and oversight of the Food Pantry, Summer Food Program, Emergency Assistance and The Spirit of Christmas program. Debi’s educational and life experiences in social work have given her many useful skills and tools for serving those in need in our community.

Donna Wright came to the Free Clinic in 2019 and quickly became a fixture! Donna is an amazing and compassionate nurse who can get things done. We have expanded our services to include Medical Navigation and case management, because of Donna’s excellent leadership.

brad blazek counselor

Brad Blazek began offering counseling and therapy through CHP in 2019.  Now with a team of case workers he helps clients sort through and tackle root issues.  Our clients often sing his praises as a valuable life line.

pic jules sm

Jules Procopio joined the staff of CHP in September 2019 after serving as a volunteer, and then as the administrator, handling lots of challenging situations! Jules soon became the “go to girl” for anything related to graphics, design, and communications and although it is a new set of skills for her, she is learning fast. She has previous experience with regional and national nonprofits in project management, leadership and program directing.  Jules has an array of experiences, and skills that have become an asset at Community Helping Place, providing support for every department and program.

woman with bob cut in her 50's
Barbara Williams Thrift Store Operations

Board of Directors

Pam Jones 2021 Board Chair Woman in Blue Dress
Pam Jones 2021 Board Chair

   Pamela Harrison Jones – Board Chair 2021
Mike Ethridge – Treasurer
Rose Proctor – Secretary
Rev. John Hamilton
Bonnie Bowling
Shelly Dinsmore
Joy Edelberg
Pastor Steven Wright
Kay Hall
Brian Hinkle (chair elect 2022)
Matt Aiken
Patricia Jarvis
Ron Larson
David Luke
Rev. Robin Parr
Martha Roberts
Bob Saba
Nancy Watson